the outlaw

from by indoctrinate

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'The outlaw' is a song about an incident that happened in my hometown a few years ago where the local police force shot an unarmed teenager. Such occurrences are by no means isolated cases. Abuses of power and police brutality are problems that can surface anywhere, anytime, just as recent events in Ferguson, MO and Staten Island, NY, where the authorities also committed obvious abuses of power which resulted in the deaths of innocent citizens, show. In many of these cases the perpetrators do not get indicted, nor do they have to face any kinds of consequences and can even remain on duty.


It was a cold and dark summer night in a small town. Most of the townsfolk were already in sound sleep while only a few flickering streetlights illuminated the pathways of the dozing city. A young individual trying to find a way of counteracting deadly boredom although taking the wrong decisions he's hiding in the shadows, surrounded by darkness, succeeding in not being discovered for now in this closed epicenter where everything that is gold and glitters gets worshiped as a god and life is defeated from day to day due to filthy business interests. But all of a sudden the young, dark figure is spotted crouching in one of the dim corners. In this golden temple of commerce he makes a run for it but those that march in step while cleaning their weapons strike him down “!” The unarmed adolescent, another guiltless victim though not innocent of a misdemeanor. His lifeless frame falling in the dust. He clutches the earth while taking his last breath and with the last of his strength gasping “...but i'm just a foolish kid” But mind that only a freaking coward shoots someone in the back and watches his prey collapsing into the dirt.


from aftermaths, released October 13, 2015
Guest vocals on 'The outlaw' by Markus Matzinger




indoctrinate Austria

we are a band (duh!) and we play political hardcore punk.

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