new homes for the have​-​nots

from by indoctrinate

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The song 'New homes for the have-nots' is about people serving life sentences for petty crimes while others such as the corporate thugs who rape, kill and exploit humyn and non-humyn lives as well as the planet as a whole on a daily basis, are at large. One of these poor aforementioned souls is Sharanda Jones who is a convict serving a life sentence for a non-violent drug offense.


I been living here in this hellhole for over 14 years and I got nothing to do just sitting and staring at the walls crippling my soul. (This is) not an isolated case 'cause while the moneybags and fat cats, protected by their hordes of 5-0s and bellicose butt-puppets, claim justice, the have-nots are scraping on the palace doors, demanding their fair share. Mere survival seems to be a game no one can win or like a one-way street leading through a desert of fuckin' nowhere. There ain't no justice for the needy. It's just a fairytale for most of us - a cute bed time story for your toddlers. Doing time for life for slanging rock because leeches and tricksters put a price on fairness and freedom, one more privilege for the wealthy. But "crime pays" just ask the affluent and loaded maintaining the cages for the penniless instead of encouraging knowledge. Wake up and smell the rat: It's social Darwinism at its fullest and what a giant leap forward for all of us!


from aftermaths, released October 13, 2015




indoctrinate Austria

we are a band (duh!) and we play political hardcore punk.

booking: indoctrinate[at]

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