by indoctrinate

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released October 13, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Markus Matzinger at Doom Studios in Linz, Austria. Mastered by Daniel Meyrath. Guest vocals on 'The outlaw' and 'The aftermath' by Markus Matzinger.


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indoctrinate Austria

we are a band (duh!) and we play political hardcore punk.

booking: indoctrinate[at]

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Track Name: praise the plastic lord
Look at me and listen to what I have to say 'cause I'm a big, fat sweet-talking billboard drowning you in a sea of lies. Designed to make you feel better while you consume the meaningless shit I'm supposed to represent and propagandize. Now worship your almighty God (me!) and don't you ever question my ways for I'm the one you shall kneel before now...CONSUME OR DIE!
Track Name: ecocide
Take a bleak view upon the landscape and tell me what can you see? For desolate miles and miles just worthless rubble of concrete and steel. Machines crushing lives under gears of contempt. Nauseating carnage enforced by engineers for profit and power. Shades of green will once again prevail over madness 'cause branches and roots outlast metal, iron and tar yeah!
Track Name: the outlaw
It was a cold and dark summer night in a small town. Most of the townsfolk were already in sound sleep while only a few flickering streetlights illuminated the pathways of the dozing city. A young individual trying to find a way of counteracting deadly boredom although taking the wrong decisions he's hiding in the shadows, surrounded by darkness, succeeding in not being discovered for now in this closed epicenter where everything that is gold and glitters gets worshiped as a god and life is defeated from day to day due to filthy business interests. But all of a sudden the young, dark figure is spotted crouching in one of the dim corners. In this golden temple of commerce he makes a run for it but those that march in step while cleaning their weapons strike him down “!” The unarmed adolescent, another guiltless victim though not innocent of a misdemeanor. His lifeless frame falling in the dust. He clutches the earth while taking his last breath and with the last of his strength gasping “...but i'm just a foolish kid” But mind that only a freaking coward shoots someone in the back and watches his prey collapsing into the dirt.
Track Name: set fire to kingdoms
Convicted by a system whose questionable values are maintained through force. The incarceration of victims not victimizers where every inconvenience is drowned at the very hour of its nativity and every ounce of dissent suffocated. Silence is only disrupted by cries of the defeated and alongside vultures lie the devoured corpses of the righteous. Whilst forfeiting every liberty we get to swallow plastic truths imposed by prevailing orders. Renounce the faith and devastate their mastery. Shall all the sovereigns drown in their own blood and shall their realms turn to dust. For today not thy but our kingdom come in heaven as it is on earth.
Track Name: outcomes of the sickness
A lifeless and scorched landscape remains of former fertile ground. Slaughtered and dismembered bodies encircle the ruins after all-consuming warfare was deployed by the empire's commanders. Darkness engulfing the last remnants of this tragedy while no savior is descend ing from a blood-red sky collecting the souls of the deceased. Everyone is dead, their corpses piled up high, it's a fuckin' disastrous feast. No more profits to be made and no one will be saved. This is the final judgment day, our fuckin' legacy - a rotten and debauched paradise.
Track Name: wheels
Them wheels keep turnin' relentlessly, wheels that grind them bones to dust and sow the seeds of dire mistrust. Wheels of grotesque inequity. Wheels of contempt, wheels that skit. Fiendish wheels crush bit by bit. Them wheels despise the humyn spirit. Their purpose is to dash the flesh to the ground with bloodcurdling deafening sound. Rusty cogs still squelching (can you) hear it? Them wheels don't want no truce, no peace, no rest, no ease. Them wheels incarnate disease while all of us are condemned to lose. Them wheels they reign supreme...the wheels of the machine!
Track Name: in silence they suffer
...Silence is audible. It remains of screams behind murals of concrete, screams so piercing, so full of pain frequently shattered. Blissful ignorance maintains these omnipresent hells. Relentless, never-ending agony is unfortunately substantial reality. Can you already smell the carcasses of (over) a billion butchered lives? It's still astounding why callow rhetoric legitimizes abhorrent procedures although truths are so obvious. Once again it is profits and conventions that dictate behavior and general carelessness does the rest. Every time when blood runs in rivers down the drain, death is their salvation. Salvation is death. Stomachs become graves when packaging is a casket.
Track Name: f.o.a.d. (fuck off and decompose)
The falling of empires did not silence their war cries based on inane ideologies and empty promises. Brainwashing through propaganda, an effective tool to recruit even the most simpleminded motherfuckers. Your endless craving for authority and blind obedience to orders and advocacy of the death of all autonomy and freedom makes you nothing more than an empty vessel, a mindless cog in a lifeless machine. What exactly are you so proud of? Ignorance? Non-existent superiority? Or a barren piece of desert once part of a whole? You and these aryan master race beliefs (of yours) are doomed to fail and decompose and we are hungry scavengers waiting for feeding time...
Track Name: prayers
In this dreary place of darkness, so dismal and cold, millions are gathered, handcuffed and tied up to the spot. They are followers and slaves benumbed by monotonous and idle talk. Hypocrisy is on the loose and stories from a long ago past resonate between these stonewalls of confinement, fabricated anecdotes that blur cognition and thoughts. How many times are voices forced to reiterate predetermined mindsets? While the enlightened and rich authorities rub their hands with glee and try to conceal their malicious schemes. But the downfall of bastions of dementia is inescapable once the blind begin to see again and their voices start to sing as one: "No one will correct your failures, no one will discharge you from your debts and no one will have mercy on your souls. No fucking fuss can camouflage the victims of hunger, disease and war."
Track Name: the aftermath
Few clouds graced the sky that day. Alert has been called off minutes ago as she left her home. Seconds later a blinding flash of light. She covered her face and while running through the streets she whispered to herself, "Is this the end of all days?" Then she opens her eyes again in disbelief as buildings collapse and fire is spreading. Everything nearby is going up in flames. People scared to death screaming, "Why, oh God, why?" Some still in search for their young and within moments the stench of burnt flesh is filling the air and their blood adorning concrete. As the temperature is exceeding 5,800 degrees - a shock wave. 8:15 a.m. - a once vital city laid waste.
100, 000 lives – nothing.
Track Name: new homes for the have-nots
I been living here in this hellhole for over 14 years and I got nothing to do just sitting and staring at the walls crippling my soul. (This is) not an isolated case 'cause while the moneybags and fat cats, protected by their hordes of 5-0s and bellicose butt-puppets, claim justice, the have-nots are scraping on the palace doors, demanding their fair share. Mere survival seems to be a game no one can win or like a one-way street leading through a desert of fuckin' nowhere. There ain't no justice for the needy. It's just a fairytale for most of us - a cute bed time story for your toddlers. Doing time for life for slanging rock because leeches and tricksters put a price on fairness and freedom, one more privilege for the wealthy. But "crime pays" just ask the affluent and loaded maintaining the cages for the penniless instead of encouraging knowledge. Wake up and smell the rat: It's social Darwinism at its fullest and what a giant leap forward for all of us!